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Temporär versus permanent | SUPPENGAU

The work of the Lungauer Kulturvereinigung LKV has addressed the cultural and artistic hunger of the people of Lungau for 50 years. Permanently. Permanently. It has been the basic provider of contemporary art (contemporary Art) in Lungau for almost 50 years. Forces art in Lungau as well as the regional artistic educational institutions (music school) and other artistic initiatives (brass bands, Lungau Big Band, etc.).

The Supergau project brings a group of international artists* to the Lungau for a few weeks to work on their selected projects. They present their ideas in Lungau, work at eye level with people from the region. For a short time. Temporarily.

Our project Suppengau is a reflection of the project idea Supergau.

It temporarily provides interested people and artists with soups from the Lungau (and Syria, Kosovo, Ukraine) during the festival. Temporary soup from people who live permanently in Lungau. Temporary versus permanent.

The Lungauer Kulturvereinigung LKV works closely with people from crisis regions, has founded an association to support refugees, regularly makes the cultural center die künstlerei available for social initiatives and strongly pushes the integration of refugees in the region.

The Lungauer Kulturvereinigung LKV has received several awards throughout Austria for holding environmentally conscious and sustainably organized art and cultural events. The soups are made exclusively from regional, organic ingredients. The production of the soups is a communicative, inclusive experiment as is the delivery and tasting of the same.

The discourse temporary versus permanent has accompanied LKV since the beginning: The efforts to find appropriate financial support for art initiatives in rural areas, the decades-long development of professional structures, whether cultural house or “fair pay” payment, the situation of the “prophet who counts for nothing in his own country”.

We remain advocates of contemporary art at eye level with the people of the Lungau region. We continue to satisfy the hunger (of whatever kind) of many people in Lungau! Also at the festival Supergau. For a long time before this festival and hopefully for a long time after. Permanently. Permanently.

For the LKV

Robert Wimmer

(Pictures © LKV Krissi)