Salzburger Land

Ride along at Supergau

The next bus leaves in an hour and half-empty cars constantly drive by: the experiment “supermobil” wants to make it easier to get around in the Lungau without your own car and also tries to facilitate exciting conversations and maybe even joint art visits.

Whether on the way to the next campfire or back home: the willingness to share way and vehicle and a resource-conscious locomotion are reasons enough to be supermobile during the festival (and also afterwards!). The project makes the willingness to offer rides or the desire to ride visible with supermobil stickers. Star-shaped “supermobil” stickers (see above) for the passenger doors of participating cars and round textile stickers for all participants – all free of charge. Meeting points can be the supermobile project locations themselves or simply the nearest public bus stop – the textile sticker provides a super conversation starter. The idea “supermobil” should explicitly address not only visitors of the festival, but all who want to rethink mobility in the Lungau.

Further information and textile and car stickers to join in are available at the Info Kiosk in Tamsweg (Kunsthalle für alle) and at the Camping Campus in Mauterndorf (Tauernache).

On the topic of “mobility”, a table talk will take place on 31.05. from 12 pm – 2 pm at the Tafernwirt in Zederhaus. The discussion will be accompanied by soups from the Suppengau project.