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Announcement of selected artists: CW 23


Conny Zenk works with performance, video and sound art in the context of public space, feminism and the city. Since 2007 she has been cooperating in the field of visual music with artists of electronic, experimental and contemporary music as well as in dance, theater, performance and film. Conny Zenk studied Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Experimental and Electroacoustic Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. She is currently in the PhD in Art program at the Zentrum Fokus Forschung and teaches in the Digital Art Department at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Cornelia Anhaus has worked as a senior dramaturg at ARGEkultur and as a curator for the Open Mind Festival and the media art festival digital spring, as well as dramaturgical assistant and production manager of the artist:inside network lawine torrèn with Hubert Lepka and as co-curator of the international dance and performance festival sommerszene. Furthermore, active as deputy chairwoman on the board of the Dachverband Salzburger Kulturstätten, the interest group of the contemporary independent scene; founding member of PAKT – Plattform der Häuser darstellder Künste. Since 2018 curatorial director and managing director at WERK X-Petersplatz in Vienna.

Matthias Osterwold is artistic director and music curator of numerous international festivals of new music and sound art. He is co-founder of “Freunde Guter Musik Berlin” for the promotion of experimental music and music performance, founded in 1983. In 2013 Matthias Osterwold was honored as Officier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Tina Teufel is curator for contemporary art at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. She is particularly interested in artists and works that deal with political and socio-critical themes, are located at the interfaces between traditional categories of art and explore their boundaries, as well as exhibit a media- and material-critical practice.

Van Bo Le-Mentzel is an architect, communicator, designer, and inventor. He became known for his aesthetic “Hartz IV furniture” for do-it-yourself construction, for example the 24-euro armchair made from a single hardware store board. Most recently, he designed very small Tiny Houses and made them available in a social experiment.


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Here you can find questions & answers concerning the open call.


Out into the countryside! Artistic projects for the outdoor space wanted

For the second edition of the Supergau Festival in Salzburg Land, the Lungau will become Supergau. The deadline for all applications is 10 April, the jury meeting to select the projects will take place in May. The selected artists will meet for the first residency as early as June.


What is Supergau?

Supergau is an imaginary landscape, a culturally virgin landscape. It is temporary, and during the festival it lies like a second layer over the existing topography of one of the five Salzburg regions [Gaue] (Flachgau, Lungau, Pinzgau, Pongau, Tennengau).

Supergau is free of the purported dominance of the town with its program- med cultural spaces, free of urban museums, theatres, cabarets and salons demanding to be filled with target audiences. It is free of the concept of public space, for Supergau knows only landscape. Supergau is both surface and depth. Supergau has forest and meadow landscape, mountain landscape, residential landscape, tarmac and concrete landscape. In Supergau, all these and more forms of landscape can become stages, scenes of artistic action. Supergau is a festival held exclusively outdoors.

This biennial festival was premièred in the Flachgau region in 2021. In 2023 the Lungau (district of Tamsweg) will be the Supergau for contemporary arts.

Supergau invites artists to take time for the festival, so it facilitates residencies which offer the opportunity of working on site, researching and exchanging ideas. The whole institution, the development of a dramaturgy and the planning of content in collaboration with participants is an essential component of the festival.

This Open Call marks the beginning of Supergau, which culminates in the 10-day festival at the end of May 2023. 


What are we looking for?

  • Artists from various disciplines
  • Large-scale art capable of using entire meadows, woods and/or lakes, as well as minimal 1:1 situation, sound, video and new media art with all electronic sensibilities, performances, installations, compositions
  • Site- or region-specific open-air artistic contributions
  • Crossover works involving cooperation with visitors, residents and artists in other genres, in the creation and/or implementation



The second edition (2022–2023) transforms the Lungau into a Supergau. The projects may take place throughout the Lungau – with 1,020 km2

available. The Lungau is a valley landscape surrounded by the High Tauern mountain range to the west, the Lower Tauern to the north and east, and the Gurktal Alps to the south (highest point 3,076m, lowest point 588m above sea level)

The 21,000 or so inhabitants of the Lungau are distributed among 15 districts, including three market towns. With 1.5 million overnight stays per year, this region is a popular holiday destination in both summer and winter. Further important sectors are milk production and the forestry and timber industry. As in many other rural regions, the exodus of young people is a concern.

Many of the towns and villages lie above 1,000m altitude. The natural landscape of the Lungau – one of Austria‘s sunniest regions – has been declared a UNESCO biosphere park. This means that before submitting an application, you will have to consider possible regulations and restrictions demanded by nature conservation.



The total budget for the Open Call amounts to 200,000 Euro. The artistic directors, together with a panel of experts, will select projects from within two categories:


A: up to  € 15.000,–      up to 15 artistic works

B: up to  € 30.000,–     up to 3 artistic works


These two categories are simply a rough guide, with no details concerning quality or importance of the individual works. They play no part in the programming, supervision or implementation, nor will they be mentioned after the adjudication.

The above-mentioned flat-rate contributions are gross amounts, and must include fees, production and implementation costs, and travel expenses. We would emphasis that the contracting authority, the Province of Salzburg, sets great store by Fair Pay (; the calculations will be scrutinised in this regard, and fair, appropriate remuneration for all participants will be one of the selection criteria.

Supergau will provide board and lodgings for the duration of the residencies, and invites the participating artists to stay overnight in the Lungau during the entire festival (in May 2023).

Candidates are welcome to use additional funds from other sources to support their submissions. Application is open to individuals, groups and ensembles at any stage of their career. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Supergau will offer further support during the preparation and the festival itself, as well as professional promotion and PR.

Remuneration will be made in the form of sponsorship by the Province of Salzburg.


Application documents

All required documents should be sent as a single PDF file by 11:59 pm on Sunday, 10 April 2022, to


Page 1: Brief description of the project (max. five sentences explaining the essence of the project, for publication on the Supergau website)

Pages 2–6: Project proposal (image, text, drawings, etc. = detailed description of the idea and the technical implementation)

Page 7: Cost breakdown in accordance with chosen category A or B

Page 8: Brief CV, e-mail, telephone number, link to personal website (if any)


Dual entries of the same project in different categories are not permitted. Video works should be either embedded in the PDF or presented by means of storyboard or screen-shot. The submitted work will be evaluated on the strength of one PDF file (8 pages) containing all the required documents.

Projects will be selected by a jury together with the artistic directors.


Implementation period, dates, information

Supergau will be held at the end of May 2023. Preparation time will begin with the official announcement in May 2022 of all participants selected from the Open Call.

  • Closing date for Open Call entries: Sunday 10 April 2022
  • Jury meeting: Mid-May 2022
  • Announcement of selected artists: CW 22
  • 1st residency in the Lungau: 17–19 June 2022
  • additional work phase (if needed): 23–25 September 2022
  • 2nd residency in the Lungau: 24–26 March 2023
  • Supergau festival: end of May 2023

Festival management: Tina Heine


Here you can find questions & answers concerning the open call.



Supergau is an initiative of the Province of Salzburg

Please send any enquiries about the Open Call by e-mail to Matthias Ais: