Salzburger Land


Here you can find questions & answers concerning the open call.

+ Will the accommodation and meals be covered?

Yes, during the residencies as well as during the festival, accommodation and breakfast will be covered and therefore do not have to be calculated into the project budget.


+ Will travel expenses be covered?

No, travel expenses are not covered and must be included in the budget. Travel expenses may be incurred during the festival and for the residencies.


+ Are the residencies mandatory?

No, they are not obligatory, but an offer to all to be together on site and to work together and get to know each other.


+ Can artists from abroad who have no connection to the Lungau apply to participate?

Yes. The Open Call has no restrictions regarding the origin of the artists. However, the work itself must be carried out in the Lungau.


+ Is it necessary to already name a specific desired location in the Lungau for the submitted project?

No, it is not necessary. However, it would be very helpful if a location or landscape in the Lungau could be given as an example, so that the jury can get an idea of ​​the desired context.


+ I would like to apply e.g. with a light installation. Will there be a power connection only in certain areas?

In the vicinity of settlements there are good options to ensure the power supply from the existing network. If the artwork is to be installed in very remote areas, the cost of the power supply must be included in the calculation.


+ Can I submit more than one project?
No. Only one submission is allowed per artist group.


+ Can I also submit my portfolio or additionally submit other documents like video or sound files?
No. Only the required pdf is accepted. All other documents will not be considered.


+ How do I know what category I should apply for?
The total costs result from the artists’ fees, the production costs and the travel costs. In the case of ensembles/groups of artists, large-scale works and/or works with a high technical input, the total costs are usually higher than for solo works with a low material input.


+ Is there a limit to the size of the artist group?
No. There is also no limit to the size of the artwork.


+ If I need the participation of the local population for my artwork, do I have to verify their willingness to participate before submitting to the Open Call?
We kindly ask you not to do this. From experience, the population is happy to participate in artistic work. If the project is selected, the artistic directors can approach the population and ask for help together with local cultural associations.


+ Does the cost estimate have to include the entire technical equipment, including weather protection?
Yes. For very remote artworks it also should include the extra costs for providing the necessary infrastructure like power supply, water supply, wireless receiver, etc…


+ Do the events take place mainly during the day or at night?
Since Supergau is 100% outside, there are no opening hours and no admissions. The program will mainly take place between 14:00 and 23:00. In May the sun sets around 20:00.


More Questions?

Every new question will be added to the FAQ List and is available for all submittors.