Welcome to Camping Campus

A student space connected to Supergau Festival for contemporary arts! An experimental do-it-yourself place for connecting, learning and artistic creation.

Public programme of the festival


Fri 26 May – Tue 30 May: daily 5 pm – 9 pm “Campfire”

Fri 02 June – Sun 04 June: daily 5 pm – 9 pm “Campfire”

Fri 26.05. | 4 pm Super opening party
Mon 29.5. | 5:30 am – 6:30 am Mowing with the Scythe – Workshop with Kollektiv Experimental Setup (Mühltaler Holzplatz)

Mon 29.05. | 3pm at Tauernache (Markt 8, 5570 Mauterndorf) – walking recipes / Workshop held by Clare Qualmann

Up to 20 Participants, Registration via email (cqualmann@hotmail.com) / The workshop will be held in English.

In this workshop we’ll use The Walk Book: Recipes for Walking and Wellbeing as a starting point to explore creative ways to move through, be in, and imagine spaces and places. Following the book’s four themes (Mapping and Knowing, Attending and Slowing, Connecting and Sharing and Staying (indoors) and Imagining) we’ll venture around Mauterndorf, testing, trialling and structuring new recipes as we go.

The Walk Book is a free resource containing recipes for walking by 30 artists, based on findings from the Walk Create research project, by Dee Heddon, Maggie O’Neill, Clare Qualmann, Morag Rose and Harry Wilson. The workshop will be led by Clare Qualmann. https://walkcreate.gla.ac.uk (https://walkcreate.gla.ac.uk/)

Fri 02.6. | 5:30 pm Weisenblasen – workshop with Vocal Naps Lungengau
Sat 03.6. | 11 am – 5 pm Pop-up-Uni: “Are you already asking or are you still learning?”

The Students Camp to the Supergau – Pop-Up Uni in the countryside | May 26 – June 4 | application closed!

+ flexible participation – up to 10 days Artistic Actioncamp
+ about 20 accomplices – interdisciplinary field of experimentation
+ open workshop – build your own campus
self-catering as a group (meals and costs on site included)


Out of the lecture halls, into the countryside! Out of the university, into the Lungau! Explore, tinker or just hang out – it’s your space, your care and your freedom. Together you can explore spatial, social, cultural and economic peculiarities of Lungau and Salzburger Land and, if possible, respond to them with site-specific projects. In addition, you can expect exciting lectures, discussions and other offers within the framework of the festival, as well as the opportunity for interaction and exchange with the artists and visitors of the festival.

What you can expect

Students and trainees from different disciplines face the question: How do we want to research artistically, autonomously and improvised, how do we want to learn with each other and for each other and deal with the social and natural spaces that surround us? The peculiarities of the alpine region Lungau will be questioned and explored in the context of our own, shared as well as unfamiliar realities of life.

We don’t want to wait for knowledge to be served to us, we want to go in search of the places where unexpected insights await us – leaving the urban comfort zones and their supposed certainties, entering rural heights and depths, the inbetween of alpine adventures.

We interact spontaneously with the artists and visitors of Supergau festival 2023, with local collaborators as well as activists – keynotes, workshops, tours and more are waiting…

But there is also room for easy hanging out – exploring what arises spontaneously without a plan, what connections grow without targets. Leaving behind the stress to perform, entering curiosity!