Camping Campus at Supergau

10 days of lectures, discussions, workshops, project work in a 1:1

As part of the Supergau Festival, the Camping Campus will be a new place for experimental, interdisciplinary research.

“What can the country do that the city cannot?”

Themes of the Camping Campus are the spatial as well as social spaces, the often oppositely perceived duality of countryside and city. How are these two spaces related and what is expected of them?



The Camping Campus is a ten-day workshop with a program of lectures and discussions, but above all joint actions and project work on a 1:1 basis. Among other things, the design of the Camping Campus itself and the conversion of the Superort (wooden structures and 1200 straw bales) are part of the challenges. Especially regarding to the idea of the common in times of distance rules and regulations. As a discursive format, the Camping Campus is an integral part of Supergau for contemporary art. The input for the project work happens in exchange with students, lecturers, artists, visitors and local actors and takes place next to the Superort, which will be converted at two days.



During the ten-day Camping Campus, the aim is to perceive spatial, social and economic peculiarities in Flachgau, to interpret them and to react to them with 1:1 projects. This projects can be installations, performances, spatial interventions, text, sound or video. The projects created during the Camping Campus explore and research both Flachgau and alternative formats of learning and will be presented and communicated during the festival.



Due to its expansiveness and decentralised programming, the only-outdoor festival will in all probability be able to take place despite Corona. The same applies to the Camping Campus as a place to stay. Appropriate prevention concepts are in preparation.


Curious? The Camping Campus call for applications is aimed at students from various disciplines, for example from the Kunstuniversität Linz, the HfMT Hamburg and the University of Kassel. Please send your application including a short letter of motivation (max. 1000 characters) to by 08.04. (now: 18.04.).

As we have had so many queries about the application process, the call for applications will be extended until 18.04!

We provide:

– a camping site for 10 days

– a per diem of 30 Euro / day

– a centrally organised breakfast

– materials / material cost allowance for the project work


There is the possibility of a travel allowance.

If you have any questions, just send a short mail to

The Camping Campus is conceived and curated by Clemens Bauder (Linz University of Art), Theo Deutinger (University of Kassel, Design Academy Eindhoven, TU Vienna), Tina Heine (Hamburg University of Music and Theatre).