Salzburger Land

Unfortunately, not all of the projects are enjoyable for everyone. To make Supergau as plannable as possible here is a small overview of the restrictions.


barrier-free / well doable with wheelchair or other aids

Sometimes you have to scramble or walk on uneven paths to reach the projects. But not here:

  • Trans:aktion Lungau: at the marketplaces there is always the possibility to sit down in nearby cafes or similar & to attend from there
  • Feldarbeiter*innen: From a nearby parking lot you can look from a straight asphalt surface onto the played meadow
  • Superbar: for example at the “Stammtische” at Conversation Pieces & at Landschaft one can sit down well
  • Stiflerhupfn Mauterndorf: also the procession of this project is done on a flat, asphalted track
  • Foolish Landcleaerers: all project locations are well & easily accessible on asphalt – with one exception: the Mur Island
  • Conversation Pieces: the posters of the project are well visible from the road

In addition, there are our supertours with the E-bus, which invite you to relax and explore different projects.


Some scrambling necessary – unfortunately not wheelchair accessible (sturdy shoes recommended):

The landscape in Lungau is diverse and accordingly the paths to some projects a little more challenging than others:

  • Vibra Alpina (4h round hike but even with shuttle uneven surface – but then healing treatment for battered feet…).
  • S.irene: from the parking lot directly at Schlierersee it is still about 15min walk through uneven terrain
  • Habitat 23: about 5min up the hill – very uneven terrain
  • Porgel: 20min dirt road from the parking lot, medium steep slope
  • Blubb and Lall: about 10min on uneven path


also well enjoyable with visual impairments

Many projects work with visuals. But some also use sounds as a mediating element:

  • Focus on sounds & additional concerts at the project Shapes of Rain
  • supersounds at the project Landschaft
  • Talks “Stammtisch” on different days & places
  • focus on sounds at Habitat 23

well enjoyable with hearing restrictions

Most projects have a focus on visuals. However, isolated ones are difficult to enjoy with hearing restrictions, they are listed below:

difficult to enjoy with hearing restrictions

Most projects have a focus on visuality. Some of them work mainly with sounds, so the experience might be limited: