Salzburger Land


Supergau for contemporary arts

23.05-01.06 2025 | One thousand square kilometres open space

Supergau is a landscape in which art finds new spaces. Forest and meadow landscape, mountain and lake landscape, house landscape, asphalt and concrete landscape become the stage for Supergau. For 10 days, these spaces will be rearranged and played with by artists.

Artists from various disciplines are invited to show with their works that rural regions can be extraordinary places for contemporary art. The countryside becomes an art space that unfolds in a complementary way to the existing art spaces in the city. The aim is not to compete with the city, but to expand the field of artistic activity. Through the cooperation of municipalities, residents and artists, Supergau, a new artistic district in the province of Salzburg, will be created for the duration of 10 days.

The biennial festival celebrated its premiere in Flachgau in 2021 and transformed Lungau into a Supergau for contemporary arts in 2023. The festival will continue in Pinzgau in 2025.

Supergau is organised by the province of Salzburg and implements a central measure within the framework of the cultural development plan KEP Land Salzburg. The province of Salzburg is thus expressly committed to the promotion of contemporary art production, with which new things are conceived, developed, realised and shown.


Province of Salzburg

Festival Management

Matthias Ais (Land Salzburg) | Tina Heine (Atelier für Zeitgenossen)


Tina Heine und Theo Deutinger


Alex Römer (architect, initiator and member of the Constructlab collective, Berlin)

Cornelia Anhaus (dramaturge, curator, ex. Director of the theatre Werk X-Petersplatz, Vienna, born in Pinzgau)

Jakob Dietrich (managing director of the artists’ collective qujOchÖ, director of the art space MEMPHIS in Linz, director of the LINZ FMR festival)

Laila Huber (cultural anthropologist, director of the pro arte gallery, project collaborator at the University of Graz)

Lukas Bofinger (vegetation ecologist, artist, ex. employee of the environmental ombudsman’s office in Salzburg)

Tina Heine (artistic director of Supergau, Hamburg)