Salzburger Land

Supergau for contemporary arts

23.05-1.06.2025 | One thousand square kilometres open space

Supergau is a landscape in which art finds new spaces. Forest and meadow landscape, mountain and lake landscape, house landscape, asphalt and concrete landscape become the stage for Supergau. For 10 days, these spaces will be rearranged and played with by artists.

Projects in Supergau


Invitation to the opening of the festival on 26 May

Während des gesamten Festivals ist das mobile Radiofahrrad im Lungau unterwegs. Täglich gibt es Livesendungen an unterschiedlichen Orten im Supergau in Kooperation mit der Die Moderation in dieser Woche übernimmt unsere Superwirtin

During the entire festival, the mobile radio bike is on the road in the Lungau. Every day there are live broadcasts at different locations in the Supergau in cooperation with Radiofabrik. This week’s presenter is our Superwirt Dorit Ehlers.

air time: 19:06-20:00 on 107.5